Bespoke lamp base by Jodie Webster, lamp shade by Tracey Hordern.
Bespoke lamp base by Jodie Webster, lamp shade by Tracey Hordern. Tracey Hordern

Styling your home: Little things with big impact

ASIDE from loving the word bespoke (long before everyone else discovered it, I might add) I love embellishing, reworking and bespoke-finishing my interior pieces and spaces.

A few tasteful finishes can individualise and add character to your space, and that's something essential in this increasingly homogenised world. There are the obvious finishes, such as painting or sanding a piece of furniture, but over the years I have learnt a few tricks that can bring a big impact for little money or effort.

For instance, few of us consider the impact of knobs or handles. But those tiny (and practical) details such as door, drawer and cupboard knobs can make the world of difference.

I recently acquired the most beautiful mirrored chest of drawers. I loved it, but not its cheap-looking silver knobs. Once I had replaced the plain knobs with exquisite decorative mirrored and brass ones from Portugal, for the princely sum of about $6 each, the chest of drawers went from being a brand-recognised piece of furniture to a stunning, envy-inducing original piece.

Similarly, I love the metal drum-style coffee tables that are now available at reasonable prices. But while the silver finish would suit many homes, highlights in my home work best in gold.

After a trip to the hardware store and $12 down for a can of gold spray paint plus 20 minutes of my time, my bespoke gold metal coffee table is pleasing beyond expectations.

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