'Strong messages' sent by 720 responses to royal commission

THE royal commission into child sex abuse needs as much time as necessary to "get it right", the Federal Government has been told.

Feedback received by the government as it decides on the make-up and terms of reference for a royal commission indicate while time should not be factor, the investigation should also include progress reports at least every two years.

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon revealed on Wednesday more than 720 individuals and organisations from across the country had provided input on the formation of the royal commission.

The government has also been urged to appoint more multiple commissioners with a broad range of expertise, and designing a hearing processes that makes victims of abuse feel comfortable through the process of preparing and giving evidence.

"These 720 organisations and individuals have taken the time to contact the government and have sent a strong message," Ms Roxon said.

"The commission needs to make sure its recommendations can be implemented, and that they can be implemented in a timely manner.

"Doing the groundwork is essential as it ensures that the royal commission will be able to effectively investigate responses to instances and allegations of child sexual abuse in institutions."

Ms Roxon said the government would continue to work with all stakeholders in developing the royal commission.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard remains hopeful the royal commission will begin early in the new year.

More details about the royal commission can be found at http://childabuseroyalcommission.dpmc.gov.au/home.

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