FUN OF THE FAIR: Amber Jayde, Zina Greenall-West, Tasha May, Tayla Gillespie, Madison Gillespie, Makayla Zabel and Tara Nugent enjoy sideshow alley at the Gatton Show on the weekend.
FUN OF THE FAIR: Amber Jayde, Zina Greenall-West, Tasha May, Tayla Gillespie, Madison Gillespie, Makayla Zabel and Tara Nugent enjoy sideshow alley at the Gatton Show on the weekend.

Stars of the Show

THE 96th Gatton Show proved a big hit in the region with record numbers attending, pleasing organisers.

For those who feared the demise of the country show, the numbers in attendance proved the popularity of regional events and the rightful place of regional shows outside the big cities.

Gatton Show Society president Keith Edwards was chuffed with the success of the event and is looking forward to the show's continued success.

"I would like to thank everyone for their support of what was a cracker show," Mr Edwards said.

From smiling faces and screams in sideshow alley to the ribbons being handed out to the winners of the wide variety of sections, the show had something for everyone.

Gatton Showgirl Kylie Jackson said the show had been a great experience.

"It has been incredible fun and a big learning curve," she said.

"I have been to every section today to congratulate winners and present the ribbons.

"I think the attendance has been good this year and there is more cattle than there has ever been."

Miss Jackson called on young people to enter Miss Showgirl and Rural Ambassador next year.

"It was great and you learn so much about your area."




300mm standing handicap: G. Youles (1st), K.R. Hewitt (2nd), A. Draper (3rd).

300mm underhand handicap: L. Fredriksen (1st), J. Dingle (2nd), K. Hewitt (3rd).

250mm standing handicap: G. Youles (1st), A. Draper (2nd), K.R. Hewitt (3rd).

275mm underhand handicap: G. Youles (1st), R. Eaton (2nd), C. Newman (3rd).

250mm standing vets: R. Eaton (1st), D. Christensen (2nd), B.R. Hinze (3rd).

300mm trefelling handicap: A. Draper (1st), L. Fredriksen (2nd), T. Dingle (3rd).

M Tooth handicap: B.R. Hinze and W.R. Stark (1st), R. Limberg and G. Franklin (2nd), K. Skipper and A. Draper (3rd).


Trade exhibits

LARGE Machinery: Lockyer Valley Farm Machinery (1st), Vanderfield (2nd).

Small Machinery: George Lees (1st), Master Hire (2nd).

Motor cars and utilities: Toyota O'Brien (1st), Gatton Auto (2nd).

Champion exhibit: George Lees.

Pavilion exhibit: Lavender Herbal Heat and Cold Packs (1st and champion), LVRC (2nd).


Stud sheep

ROMNEY: Glenholme (champion ram), Glenholme (champion ewe).

Suffolk: Barelli (champion ram), Nandina (champion ewe).

Dorper: Tuckeroo (champion ram), Woodridge (champion ewe).

White Suffolk: Pride of the Downs (champion ram).

Border Leicester: Pride of the Downs (champion ram).

Southdowns: Nandina (champion ram), Nandina (champion ewe).

Poll Dorset: Silverdale (champion ram), Silverdale (champion ewe).

Texel: Warwick SHS (champion ram), Warwick SHS (champion ewe).

Dorset Horn: Silverdale (champion ram), Silverdale (champion ewe).

Champion Interbreed ram: Silverdale Poll Dorset.

Champion Interbreed ewe: Nandina Suffolk.

Champion Interbreed Group: Nandina Suffolk.



CHAMPION Cake of the Show: Marilyn Baker.

Aggregate Points in Cakes: Marilyn Baker.

Lockyer Resident Aggregate: Marilyn Baker.

Aggregate in Sweets: Geoff Beattie.

Aggregate Jams, Marmalades and Pickles: Geoff Beattie.

Best Exhibit Junior Cooking: Megan Hayes.

Junior Most Successful Exhibitor: Laura Steinhardt.



SUPREME Champion Juvenile Dairy Heifer: MJ and GJ Henry - Tara Cherry 8.

Supreme Pen of 3 Heifers: MJ and GJ Henry.

Supreme Junior Udder and Attachment: Jim and Janice O'Donohoe - Shadow Valley TS Oobooloo.

Supreme Champion Junior Heifer: Jim and Janice O'Donohoe - Shadow Valley TS Oobooloo.

Supreme Pen of 3 Cows: Johnston and Sons.

Supreme Champion Udder and Attachment: MJ and GJ Henry - White Park Minnie 29.

Supreme Champion Dairy Cow: Phillips and Nicholls Family - Clarefield OS Marcel Pauline.

Most Successful Dairy Exhibitor: Richard Wheeldon.


Stud beef

BRAHMAN Grand Champion Bull: Bremervale Jensen Power Manso 241 - Bremervale Brahman Stud.

Brahman Grand Champion Female: Blenheim Ridge Vedella - Blenheim Ridge Brahmans Stud.

Droughtmaster Grand Champion Bull: Elkay 2 Emperor Boris - L. and K. McMaster Exhibited.

Droughtmaster Grand Champion Female: Cebella Latoya - Shannon Lyons.

Brangus Grand Champion Bull: Kuraby 759.

Supreme Tropical Bull: Bremervale Jensen Power Manso 237.

Supreme Tropical Female: Blenheim Ridge Vedella.

Lowline Grand Champion Bull: Tanview Fair Dinkum - K. and T. Falkenhagen.

Lowline Grand Champion Female: Tanview Gift - K. and T. Falkenhagen.

Dexter Grand Champion Bull: Kia Kaha Manu - John Cole.

Dexter Grand Champion Female: Kia Kaha Blenheim - John Cole.

Murray Grey Grand Champion Bull: Steele Rudd Gunn - Brad Densley.

Murray Grey Grand Champion Female: Llangolithian Kylie - Pam and Denis Brown.

Angus Grand Champion Bull: Oak Creek Paramount Limited Edition F203 - Boss Investments.

Angus Grand Champion Female: Raff Blackbird G296 - Raff Beef Cattle.

Shorthorn Grand Champion Female: Sprys Schedule Alive - James Hermann.

Hereford Grand Champion Bull: Lambert Forth - Lambert Pastoral Co.

Poll Hereford Grand Champion Bull: Jacana Iguacu - Jacana Pastoral.

Supreme British Breed Bull: Oak Creek Paramount Limited Edition F203.

Supreme British Breed Female: Raff Blackbird G296.

Charolais Grand Champion Bull: Advance Firestorm - Steve Hayward.

Charolais Grand Champion Female: Advance Treasure E98 - Steve Hayward.

Simmental Grand Champion Bull: Clay Gully Fidel - Rob and Viv Laycock.

Limousin Grand Champion Bull: Tarampa Downs Edward - Tarampa Downs Limousins.

Limousin Grand Champion Female: Tarampa Downs Delta Dawn - Tarampa Downs Limousins.

Supreme European Bull: Clay Gully Fidel.

Supreme European Female: Advance Treasure E98.

Interbreed Bull: Clay Gully Fidel.

Interbreed Female: Advance Treasure E98.

Led Steers Grand Champion: Jetspur - Travis Luscombe.


Caged Birds

CHAMPION Budgerigar of Show: Kev Campbell.

Champion Canary of Show: Brian Bohl.

Champion Finch of Show: Shane Hruschildt.

Champion Parrot of Show: T. and J. White.

Champion Quirk of Show: Bobbi Dingle.

Champion Dove of Show: Josh Dingle.

Champion Love Bird of Show: T. and J. White.



CHAMPION Class A: Bernadette Hall.

Champion Class B: Nicole Pitt.

Junior Champion: Savanah Scott.


Fine Arts

CHAMPION Work of Art: Cattle Dust - Natasha Hodgson. Farming in Lockyer Painting: Cattle Dust - Natasha Hodgson.

Best Watercolour: One Fat Frog - Natasha Hodgson.

Best Pastel: Surfs Up - Dianne Ilka.

Best Drawing: The Observer - Michelle Rapley.

Best Art in Bark: Misty Morn - Roslyn Slack.

Best Pottery: Falcon - John Henney.

Best Folk Art: Lorikeet Clock - Lorelle Hartley.

Champion Junior Art: Poverty - Shannon Panzram.

Best High School Special Needs: Clay Owl - Jake Hodgson.

Best Primary School: Snow Storm - Beorgina Cubis.



THREE-year-old and Under All Breeds Halter Futurity: QRQ Obviously Cool Mr - Natasha Smetheran (1st), Saphire Park Hotties Shela Pearls - Daniella Dreamer (2nd), Concentric - Ben O'Sullivan (3rd).

Galloway Hacks Champion: Kolbeah Fashion - Kirsty Purcoll.

Galloway Hacks Champion: Torchwood - J. Uppington.

Hacks Supreme Rider of the Show: Chirvasso - Brooke Higgs.

Hacks Classes Champion: James Bond - Fiona Campbell.

Senior Rider Champion: Chirvasso - Brook Higgins.

Pony Hacks Champion: Readimak Blues Clues - Linda Daetz.

Thoroughbreds Supreme Champion: Heatfield Mi Hi - C. Wass and R. Straters.

ANSA Champion: Hotshot Henry - Trish Arnold.

Araba Supreme Champion: Bacchaute Azzaria - Diane M. Wright.

Junior Rider Class Supreme Champion: Patricia McNamara - J. Skyring.

Dilutes: Supremem Palomino - Karizmah Puttin On the Ritz.


Editor's note: We weren't able to fit in all of the results but tried to fit in as many as possible.

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