IT would be easy to dismiss Stan Walker as just another cookie-cutter manufactured product of a TV talent show.

But the 2009 Australian Idol winner insists that he is much more as an artist than a winner of a singing competition. And while he is grateful for the platform that launched him, he said at times it is a double-edged sword.

"I definitely have to prove myself as an artist," Walker said .

"People hate us (TV talent show winners) and will say we've had it easy, but everyone has to start somewhere. That's just where I started."

Walker has just put the finishing touches on his second artist album since winning the competition and is excited to showcase a different side to himself.

"I'm only 21, I can be crazy and unpredictable and a little bit wild," he said.

Let The Music Play is a celebration of Walker's love for music above anything else and features several tracks that are bound to get your feet moving.

Hailing from a musical family, music provided the backdrop for Walker's childhood. Close to his mother, the two used to sing together and Walker pays homage to this on his latest album with a duet of the Eva Cassidy song Songbird.

"I had been thinking about doing a song with Mum for a while because we had always sung together," he said.

"Mum had never been in the studio before.

"It was so much fun to record that together."

Let The Music Play also features a duet with fellow Australian Idol alumni, Jessica Mauboy. The pair will team up in the new year for a joint tour.

"I've always wanted to do something together but the timing wasn't right," Walker said.

"We have the same manager and when he introduced us we just clicked."

When asked if there was an romance between the two, Walker laughs.

"No! We're like brother and sister," he said.

"We have a lot a fun and get each other. We come from the same musical background."

As well as a new album and an upcoming tour, Walker is working on the New Zealand film, A Gift to Zion. He was approached by the producers to play the lead character who dreams of a better life and becoming a singer.

"I can definitely relate to the character. He's basically me six years ago."

Let The Music Play is released on November 18. See Stan Walker and Jessica Mauboy tour dates

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