Marliesya Waddell leaves court.
Marliesya Waddell leaves court.

Woman stalked, abused by neighbour

A HATRED of Victorians was at the heart of a neighbourhood dispute allegedly involving years of verbal abuse, loud music and “hosing downs”.

Marliesya Waddell, 61, believed she had moved to paradise when she bought her two-storey house in Redwood Avenue at Marcus Beach in 2002.

She told Maroochydore Magistrates Court yesterday that she had been hosed down by her neighbour and had copped torrents of abuse for more than five years.

Ms Waddell, who taped the verbal abuse to give to police, said she was completely blameless in the dispute.

“I’m a Victorian and that alone upset her. She would say ‘you’ve f***ed up your own state and now you’ve come here to f*** up our state,” Ms Waddell said.

Patrice Monica Vale, 48, is facing a committal hearing. She is accused of stalking Ms Waddell in 2008 and 2009.

The court heard that Ms Vale was issued with a peace and good behaviour order in November, 2008, and had a restraining order against her.

Ms Waddell she understood Ms Vale was not allowed to have direct or indirect contact with her and was only allowed within 500m of her property between noon and 4pm daily.

“Mostly I would avoid being home (between those times) because of my health and sanity,” she said.

Ms Waddell said her life became “bliss” when the order was changed and Ms Waddell was banned from her home.

She said she was eventually forced to move in late 2009 and her life was now “heaven”.

“It’s just normal. I can go out whenever I want to, knowing I’m not going to be watched,” Ms Waddell said.

“I can have family and friends over whenever I want.”

Ms Waddell said her family and friends rarely visited her at Marcus Beach because of the abuse or loud music they would hear.

The mother of four said she hosted international students for a while but found the behaviour of her neighbour too embarrassing to continue.

She said Ms Vale would often yell out, “I am loving it, I am just loving it” and then loudly trill, like a horse neighing.

Ms Waddell said she believed Ms Vale had a security camera that was pointed at her house because whenever she went into her yard, the abuse began.

“She seemed to know my every move,” she said.

“I would go out the back to sweep, hang out washing ... she knew I was in my back garden. (I felt) very intimidated.”

Ms Waddell said she had extended her carport so she could get to her car without Ms Vale seeing her, erected the highest fence she could, and installed a gate so she could sneak out to get her mail.

She said she often had to wear ear plugs and had changed bedrooms to try to get away from her noisy neighbour.

Ms Waddell said she periodically lost sight in one eye in 2009 and a neurologist told her it could be stress-related but it would be difficult to prove.

“There came a point where I just knew for my health that I had no choice but to sell my home,” she said.

The court heard there had been neighbourhood meetings about Ms Vale with police and a politician.

The hearing was adjourned.

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