Police and onlookers look at the accused man’s utility and his former lover’s sedan, as the vehicles lie crumpled near Sugar Rd.
Police and onlookers look at the accused man’s utility and his former lover’s sedan, as the vehicles lie crumpled near Sugar Rd. Greg Miller

Spurned lover jailed

A JUDGE described an "obsessed" former lover's behaviour as "chilling" after hearing that he rammed her car into a Maroochydore underpass.

Judge John Robertson made a restraining order to stop Liam Martin McIlwee, 37, contacting the woman, her children or her family until November, 2016.

He said this was McIlwee's third unlawful stalking conviction, his second against this woman, because he had "an inability ... to accept the end of a relationship".

"The unfortunate (woman) had ... been in a short relationship (20 months) with you," Judge Robertson said.

"Although there is no psychological material before me, you obviously have a number of psychological difficulties including quite dangerous obsessional traits when it comes to broken relationships."

Judge Robertson, in sentencing McIlwee in Maroochydore District Court, said the latest stalking involved "reckless and irresponsible" driving on September 8 last year.

Although the woman, 41, repeatedly told him she wanted no contact, McIlwee followed her as she left work, cut her off at a Wises Road roundabout and aggressively tried to confront her.

When traffic built up, she drove around him and tried to head down Sugar Road towards the police station but he chased her and overtook on the wrong side of the road against the flow of traffic.

McIlwee rammed his ute into her sedan, spinning her car off the road and wedging her against a pylon under the Sunshine Motorway overpass bridge.

His ute was airborne as it pushed the woman's car hard up against an embankment.

McIlwee, who was unlicensed due to demerit point accumulation, then jumped on his bonnet and kicked the woman's window.

He took her mobile phone and used it to abuse her two sisters, her former husband and her father. He also sent a text message to her daughter calling her a slut.

He told police he had "tunnel vision" on the woman's car and was oblivious to all other oncoming traffic during the peak afternoon flow.

Barrister David Crews said the reality of his client's behaviour "struck home" after he read his former partner's victim impact statement.

McIlwee gave the judge a handwritten letter detailing his remorse but Judge Robertson said he would treat it with scepticism on behalf of the community.

He activated a suspended sentence, almost six months, for a previous stalking offence and added another three years in jail for this offence.

McIlwee, who has already served 431 days in custody, was disqualified from driving for three years.

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