Speed signs all Greek to Frenchman

A FRENCH tourist claimed he had no idea he was breaking the law when he allegedly drove 105kmh in a 60kmh zone yesterday.

The middle-aged man was spotted by police on Maryborough-Hervey Bay Rd about 9am, allegedly doing 115kmh in a 100kmh zone.

The police officer tried to attract the man's attention by switching on lights and sirens, but despite the commotion, the European kept on driving at speed.

"He drove through an 80kmh zone and then into a 60kmh zone, where he was intercepted," Maryborough Police Sergeant Tony McCarthy said.

After a conversation with a police officer in broken English, the man allegedly told police he did not realise he was travelling at excessive speed and "did not notice" the officer's attempts to pull him over.

Sgt McCarthy said the man was issued with a fine for allegedly driving 45kmh over the speed limit, and warned to pay more attention to the road.

But the French man was not the only motorist who failed to keep his wits about him - Sgt McCarthy said a two-day road traffic operation netted scores of dodgy drivers.

"We carried out 166 roadside breath tests, and had two drink-drivers," he said.

"We also issued 74 infringement notices for mobile phone use, speeding, failing to stop and failing to wear seatbelts."

Sgt McCarthy warned police would be keeping a close eye on the roads during the upcoming busy holiday period.

"We're a tourist centre and we have a major highway, plus school leavers will be celebrating," he said.

"Unfortunately we've already had one car crash involving school- leavers, who may have been tired or distracted by other people in the car."

He said the car hit a car at Maryborough on Friday night before slamming into a power pole.

"Luckily no one was hurt."

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