Fundraiser for flood victims

A PHOTOGRAPHER with her trusty camera in hand, a bunch of country girls and a range of picturesque scenery of the Lockyer Valley have all culminated together to create a 14 month calendar to help raise money for flood victims.

The 14 month calendar was put together over the past two and half months and features photographs of country girls with scenery from the Lockyer Valley as backdrop, promoting the beauty of the region after the floods.

Photographer Delcia Morton felt compelled to help out in some way after driving through flood ravaged areas such as Grantham.

“Driving through Grantham and driving through the local areas and seeing how much devastation still actually existed and I thought what can I do to help these poor people,” she said.

“I mean we've all been flood affected but these people's lives were affected a lot worse than mine was.

“People have heard so many terrible things about the floods but they probably aren't aware of how functional the businesses are in the area and it is a nice place to come and have a holiday.

“That's the whole point of showing the scenery, so they can see it is a beautiful place and it's nice to come to for a holiday.”

Mrs Morton, from Photography by Delcia, said she planned on distributing the calendars throughout Queensland at $20 each with $5 from each sale going towards flood victims, but said she still needed to fill necessary advertising space in order to make the calendar a reality.

“I'm hoping to have this distributed throughout Queensland, through all the newsagents and major department stores but to do that I need to have a certain quantity of calendars printed and to get that quantity up to that standard I need to have financial help from businesses who advertise so I can actually come up with the money involved.”

Mrs Morton said she planned on distributing 2000 calendars initially at the start of October and was happy to see local businesses and the community jump on board to help.

“I'm extremely excited about it, I feel great that so many businesses and so many people are so supportive.”

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