Emma Gough

South east Qld less thirsty after millennium drought

SOUTH-east Queenslanders are using 140 litres less water per day than they were before the millennium drought.

Queensland's water authorities said the south-east corner has good water security and residents' efforts to conserve water was part of the reason.

Seqwater chief executive Peter Dennis said water consumption habits had changed after the south-east ran the risk of running out of water during the last drought.

The millennium drought lasted from 1997 to 2009.

"The average daily water consumption across the south east in November 2014 was 190 litres per person per day. This is a stark contrast to consumption levels before the millennium drought, when the region's residents were using an average of 330 litres per person per day," he said.

"The continued modest consumption following the drought shows the water use behaviour of south-east Queensland residents has shifted considerably.

"The conservative manner in which the community continues to manage its water use is one of the key reasons water security remains good."

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast hot and dry conditions this summer, and Mr Dennis said Seqwater would continue to monitor dam levels and water consumption closely.

However he said the interconnected nature of the dam system meant the region remained well supplied.

He said while some dams were at just 60% capacity, the overall network security was strong.

"Our interconnected bulk water supply network enables us to efficiently transport water to where it is needed most, from the Sunshine Coast, to greater Brisbane, to Redlands, Logan and south to the Gold Coast."


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