Oh dear, Shopkins. What has become of you.
Oh dear, Shopkins. What has become of you.

Kmart’s 'sex and drugs' DVD gaffe

YOUNG Shopkins fans - avert your innocent eyes now.

Shoppers on the Kmart Australia website on Saturday morning spotted a very rude description for a children's DVD. Very, very rude indeed.

A description for the Shopkins World Vacation DVD - a G-rated animated film for children featuring characters from the popular Shopkins toy universe - had been edited to include an X-rated plot line.

"They're jetting off and you're invited! Shopkins travels to an assortment iof nternational places and they discover a lot of sex and drugs on their way [sic]," the presumably hacked description read.


Wait. WHAT?
Wait. WHAT?

"Shoppies go on a wild chase as Kooky Cookie goes missing as she was caught up in a diamond heist.

"Let's watch them attempt amazing challenges and enjoy their crazy adventure in Europe."

Eagle-eyed online shoppers, safely guessing something was very wrong, took to the Kmart Australia Facebook page to report the blunder.

"I think you may have a disgruntled employee on your hands," one person said.

Another wrote: "What the hell Kmart? Those Shopkins are not to be trusted."

Another person said: "Looks like the Shopkins are going to have one interesting Vacation! (Hint: read the product description)."

In a statement to news.com.au, Kmart spokesperson said the company was investigating how the description appeared online.

"Kmart Australia apologises for the incorrect Shopkins World Vacation DVD product description that was published online," the statement said.

"Once we were made aware of the description error, immediate action was taken place to ensure the product was removed online. We are currently investigating to see how this occurred and we are reviewing processes to ensure this does not occur again.

"We once again apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank our customers for their patience."

The offensive description was still online at 11am on Saturday, but less than an hour later had been taken down.

The item was no longer online before midday.
The item was no longer online before midday.

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