SNOW JOKE: The latest snow forecast for the Granite Belt

THE snow might not have fallen this weekend, but some weather forecasters haven't ruled out the chance of snow and sleet on the Granite Belt tomorrow night.

Higgins Storm Chasing is pointing to the chance of a snowfall on the Granite Belt.

"We are not expecting much more than a dusting but snow is snow whether it falls for 5 mins or 5 hours," Jeff Higgins said.

"From 4pm onward any rain or showers which develop across the highest elevations in Southern inland QLD and Northern inland NSW could contain sleet and snow."

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting the chance of sleet tomorrow night.

Senior forecaster Michelle Berry said there was a 30% chance of sleet as the coldest air moves over the region tonight.

"It's a very small window of opportunity," she said.

"There's a bit of a competing factor with some dry air coming through at the some time."

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If sleet or snow does fall, it's likely to be in the highest areas of the Granite Belt.

Meanwhile, most areas of the Southern Downs can expect widespread rainfall to last until tomorrow afternoon.

Ms Berry said some moderate falls were possible.

"On average we're looking at rainfall totals of 5 to 15mm," she said.

"The odd spot could be getting a bit over 20mm."

When the rain clears, cold and dry conditions will bring more frosts and sub-zero temperatures to the region.

"Minimum temperatures will plummet from Wednesday," she said.

"Frosts are likely from Wednesday in particular."

Stanthorpe is forecast to hit just 8 degrees tomorrow, while Warwick will struggle to get to double figures with a forecast of 11 degrees.

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