Simple tips help skin glow in winter

Wendy Briese, the manager of Fiona’s Natural Beauty Clinic, treats Annabel Cameron to a hydrating mask.
Wendy Briese, the manager of Fiona’s Natural Beauty Clinic, treats Annabel Cameron to a hydrating mask. Dave Noonan

WHEN we spend the winter months hidden behind loose tracky dacks, jeans and jackets we tend to forget about the precious commodity underneath.

It is not until the weather begins to warm, when we pull the shorts and dresses out of the wardrobe and we want to become reacquainted with our skin, that we realise the frightening effects the colder weather and no care has had.

Wendy Briese, the manager of Fiona’s Natural Beauty Clinic at Clifford Gardens, said a little care now and your skin could glow.

In winter, environmental aggressors such as low humidity and freezing winds can attack your skin, increasing sensitivity and compromising its protective barrier.

“The skin is more sensitive in winter mostly due to a drop in moisture content,” Wendy said.

“In winter we also tend to have warmer showers and drink less water – which we shouldn’t do.”

Skin resembling that of a crocodile’s can be avoided, according to the Toowoomba beauty therapist, if you follow a few simple tips.

“Cleanse and moisture morning and night. It is important to use the correct cleanser and moisturiser for your skin type,” she said.

“And exfoliate. We recommend Algologie exfoliant three times a week.”

The skin is made up of several layers of cells and thousands of oil glands. The oil that the glands produce keeps the skin from losing moisture and makes it supple and soft.

Skin is constantly losing moisture into the air and every time you wash your skin, you strip away much of the oil, letting more moisture evaporate and drying the skin.

Wendy said stay away from soap and use a cleanser which won’t dry out the skin.

And don’t forget your lips.

We all know the feeling of dry and cracked lips stripped by the cold air.

“Use a quality lip balm,” Wendy said.

“In the Algologie range there is a lip balm which has centalla, this helps with healing and moisturing.”

When it comes to treatments Wendy suggests the enzyme facial which exfoliates, removes dead skin cells making skin feel brighter.

“The products you use after this facial will absorb into the skin better.”

Drinking plenty of water and good nutrition is also a vital part to keeping your skin well nourished.

“A balanced diet and drinking lots of water is important to flush your toxins and to keep your skin well nourished.”

Taking care of your skin now, even though it is kept hidden from the public will have huge benefits when you want to reveal it later on.

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