Show president is ready

CRAIG Wass is preparing for his second year as Laidley Show Society (LSS) President and he believes it is set to be a big one.

Since he was a young boy, Mr Wass has felt a tinge of excitement when an agricultural show was on and after being raised in Rosewood, he was as much a part of the annual celebration as he is now, just in a different town.

“To me an ag show is tradition and my aim is to see the Laidley Show Society grow,” he said.

His family was involved in the Rosewood Show and after working for QR he has been all over Queensland.

“Anywhere I have lived I have been involved in the local show, from Cairns to Rockhampton and back down to Laidley and I even spent a few days at the RNA Showgrounds.”

Mr Wass has learnt a lot out from each experience.

“A lot of show societies do things differently – they all run things their own way and Cairns is very business-oriented with a show manager.”

Mr Wass is optimistic there will still be a big attendance, with the show being an opportunity for the community to unite six months after the floods.

“We have let people get back on their feet and everyone has dug into their pocket to help out,” he said.

“Many people ask why ag shows keep going, and a lot of people are saying it is traditional and we compete against the big theme parks for people's money, but for just a few dollars you can have a great day out.

“If you want to bring a picnic blanket you can, or you can buy lunch.”

The new pavilion is hastily being prepared for the stallholders and Mr Wass said the only thing that needs to be done after is another coat of paint.

“It is up and running and meals for the general public will be available after the official luncheon,” he said.

Some future projects are now in the pipeline to expand the grounds and other facilities after the January floods.

“Our biggest issue is getting stewards involved and unfortunately we had no caged birds last year, and there won't be any this year because we haven't been able to get a chief steward,” he said.

“If we can't get them it will be very hard to run a section if you don't know anything about it.

“I would like to see the sections return that have gone by the wayside, especially the dairy cattle.”

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