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Should marijuana be legalised: Lockyer candidates verdict

A PUSH to legalise marijuana for recreational use was defeated in New Zealand on Friday.

In New Zealand, the proposed law would have allowed anyone over the age of 20 to purchase up to 14 grams of cannabis per day at a price of $A18.80 per gram.

With many pushing to legalise marijuana in Queensland, the Gatton Star asked Lockyer candidates whether or not cannabis should be legalised for recreational use in Queensland.



Incumbent MP Jim McDonald (LNP) said there has been "a lot of positive moves from the federal government with regards to medicinal marijuana".

"My personal view is that it should be decriminalised because it is a health and education issue, but we don't want to have an open season on it," Mr McDonald said.

In response to whether cannabis should be decriminalised in Queensland Mr McDonald said he "looks forward to having further conversations".

On the topic of whether a youth curfew would be necessary in Gatton, Mr McDonald said the LNP's policy to establish a youth curfew in Townsville and Cairns was "a great policy".

"It's not about locking kids up, but about recognising that there is a problem at home" Mr McDonald said.

Mr McDonald said "there is no reason for kids to be out there late at night" and believes the Lockyer community would "certainly welcome making sure the kids are being well cared for".

Mr McDonald also said that crime in Gatton was nothing compared to what was experienced in Townsville saying "police do a great job".



United Australia Party candidate Andrew Rockliff said to bring out a bylaw you will need people to enforce it. Where is the money going to come to employ extra policing?

"Maybe we would be better off using that money to put into youth clubs to get these kids willingly off the streets into something more positive," Rockliff said.

"People think you can pick kids up and take them to jail, but in reality that is not possible".

In response to decriminalising marijuana, Rockliff said as a correctional officer who saw lots of young people coming through the system struggling with mental health issues.

"At this stage I would be against the legalisation of marijuana recreationally," he said.

"I want to acknowledge how successful it has been however with people with PTSD as with some of the trials using ecstasy so medicinally I am 100 per cent behind it".

Rockliff concluded that from his experience the outcomes of recreational marijuana use is "all negative".



Independent candidate Jim Savage says he is not against a curfew because "done properly a curfew can be a good thing" but says it is not a simple proposal put forward by the LNP.

Mr Savage said the best option is to find a long-term solution to solving youth crime by allowing kids "to have pride in themselves".

"Locking them up is not going to have any difference" Mr Savage said.

On the topic of whether cannabis should be legalised, Mr Savage said "until I can be proven there are no negative effects, I am against it".

"I have long been a campaigner of medicinal marijuana because I know kids have had tremendous results from using cannabis oil for epileptic seizures and pain control" Mr Savage said.

Mr Savage said that he is against legalising marijuana for recreational use saying "we have campaigns saying 'don't smoke' but now they want to legalise another form of smoking".



Pauline Hanson's One Nation candidate Corey West said "I am 100 per cent behind legalising marijuana for all uses".

Mr West also described the LNP's curfew policy as "draconian" stating "there is no way it is going to be able to be enforced".

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