Lawrence Springborg
Lawrence Springborg

Springborg 'It's not a sacking, it's an offender relocation'

FORMER Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller's political career hangs by a thread after she was unceremoniously sacked from the ministry.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was quick to swing the axe following the release of the scathing ethics report which said Ms Miller's behaviour as a minister had been reckless.

It remains to be seen whether Ms Miller will be given a minor ministry ahead of a mooted Cabinet reshuffle next week.

Premier Palaszczuk said in a statement she had spoken with Ms Miller and advised her she would not be continuing in her current position.

She said the decision was effective immediately.

"Minister Miller has complied with the recommendation of the committee and made a statement in the House in accordance with that recommendation," she said.

"I have given close consideration to all of the circumstances involved.

"In light of the seriousness of the committee's findings, I have advised Minister Miller of my intention that she no longer continue in her present portfolio.

"This intention will be given as part of the discussions I am having with all of my ministers over the coming days.

Ms Miller's sacking capped off a momentous day in State Parliament after Ipswich West MP Jim Madden revealed he was the Queensland Times' source of damaging links.

The QT published an exclusive report this week surrounding the highly-anticipated ethics committee report.

Mr Madden stood down from his role on the ethics committee and could face charges for leaking confidential information.

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg claimed Premier Palaszczuk had no control of her Cabinet.

He said shifting Ms Miller to another portfolio was just simply moving the mess out of the headlines.

"This is not a sacking it is just an offender relocation program," he said

"What we have here is a set of circumstances where the ethics committee did not find Jo-Ann Miller acted recklessly when it came to her position as Police Minister.

"It said that her conduct was generally reckless.

"So what that means is if you put her in another portfolio her conduct will continue to be reckless. There is no punishment in this for Jo-Ann Miller.

"When she wakes up tomorrow morning or next week she will still be earning $330,000 and being driven around in a chauffeur driven limousine."

Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers said Commissioner Ian Stewart was far from blameless in Ms Miller's sacking.

He congratulated Premier Palaszczuk for making a decisive, definitive and correct decision. Ms Miller and Mr Leavers butted heads over the future of the Ipswich police communications centre for months.

The union boss was not won over by Ms Miller's statement last week that the centre would stay open for six months before its long term status would be determined.

"I never like to see any person sacked however it became obvious to me not long after Jo-Ann Miller became minister that it was not working out for her," he said

"I think the combination of having a portfolio that is probably too big for one person, having some inexperienced people around her in recent months and the way Jo-Ann seemed to only listen to the Police Commissioner eventually combined to lead to her ultimate demise.

"The Police Commissioner should also feel a bit responsible for giving her what I would describe as poor advice on a range of issues."

Shadow police minister Jarrod Bleijie said Ms Miller's axing was too little too late and the Premier had shifted the problem and not fixed it.

"It should have happened months ago," he said.

"She has gone from bungle to bungle.

"The scary thing is that the Premier has not sacked Jo-Ann Miller from the ministry which shows a complete lack of leadership.

"All she has done is deal with the political situation of the day."

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