Sexting: Stoking the desire embers with class

Smart phones with high quality camera and video capabilities have taken the idea of phone sex to a whole new level.

You can be thousands of miles apart or the next town over and seduce your partner with all sorts of sexually explicit treats and it can definitely spice up your relationship by adding excitement and keep your partner stimulated in ways that will leave them wanting more.

But just as sexting has its advantages, it also has the potential to spark disaster - the internet is just filled with nude pics from your favourite celebs phones, and if we are not careful and selective about who sees our private stuff and photos, all of your business could be permanently displayed for the world to see.

So don't sext too soon!

Just because someone gives you their phone number does not mean that you should automatically start texting dirty talk and sexy photos.

You should take the time to make sure you trust the person that you want to sext. If it doesn't feel right, act on the side of caution and just don't do it… because once it's out there, there is not too much you can do get it back.

So always be cautious and selective who you choose to share with.

Another thing to remember is, don't start sexting before you've actually been intimate with that person.

The worst thing we can do is over deliver via text and under deliver when it's time for the real thing, and you also don't want to kill the curiosity your partner may have about you either. So don't say, or show anything that you have not already demonstrated in person with them.

Classy and fun sexting is really a great form of hot foreplay - so take the time to flirt and build up anticipation, send a teaser text or picture that doesn't give up all your secrets at once, be creative and have fun, because it will make the experience last longer for both of you.

Mirror your partner's mood - start off slow and test the waters to see what type of mood your partner is in, as you don't want to go in fully loaded if your partner is on a different wave pattern. Be descriptive; from soft and sensual, to wild, and try your best to match their mood by mirroring their tone, and paying attention to the way they're communicating with you.

Make sure that both parties are comfortable and are being satisfied with the level of participation.

If not, your partner may feel cheated by participating in selfish sexting and is not likely to want to repeat the experience

Overall, just don't sext unless you are sober, because there is just too much potential for you to mess up something that could be really great and don't use sexting as a substitute for the real thing.

It can provide an adrenaline rush and possibly change the dynamic of your sexual relationship, becoming more about the rush of doing something naughty and take the focus off the intimacy.

So make sure to create a healthy balance between the different types of sex you have to keep the passion and excitement going.

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