SES crews hit the ground to continue search.
SES crews hit the ground to continue search.

SES hits the ground in hope

SES volunteers on their hands and knees move centimetres at a time turning up the top layer of soil for clues that will lead them to Daniel Morcombe's remains.

Others standing waist-deep in marshland form a bucket brigade, passing litres of sloppy soil between them for it to be sifted through.

Today marks the sixth in the search through Glasshouse Mountains bushland for any link to Daniel.

Extra SES combing the landscape have a refreshed confidence after the discovery of a shoe on Wednesday, which is hoped to be one Daniel wore when he was allegedly abducted, murdered and buried.

The shoe was found at the primary search site, an area about 12m by 6m.

Yesterday the search intensified, with police divers called to trawl the murky waters of Coochin Ck.

Sniffer dogs were sent to accompany the searchers at the crime scene off Kings Rd.

A second investigation was deployed at an area of Coochin Ck about 1km from the primary search zone.

A police guard remains at the crime scene at the end of Kings Rd, starting at the entrance to a paddock of macadamia trees.

It is here where dozens of forensic police and SES volunteers spend most of their days.

Police are confident this is Daniel's last resting place.

Yesterday it was revealed Commissioner Bob Atkinson was at the Glasshouse Mountains search area to meet parents Bruce and Denise Morcombe when they visited the scene on Monday.

Mr and Mrs Morcombe remain realistic about the search.

Privately, police keep them updated with progress from the scene.

The Morcombe parents are in it for the long haul – and they are used to waiting.

Police say the search will be protracted.

They have warned of a chance no link to Daniel will be found but remain confident the area they are targeting will be the place where they close the biggest missing person's case in Queensland's history.



  • The primary search area is about 12m by 6m
  • Most of the search on hands and knees
  • Machine that separates mud from water is being used
  • Police use flood maps to aid where to target in their search
  • Searchers using metal detectors and shovels in their hunt
  • Rain expected at the Glasshouse Mountains this weekend

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