'SOCIALLY INEPT': "Recidivist” child sex offender Andrew Mark Hugh Dickeson leaving Gympie District Court yesterday.

'Fantasy ridden' serial child sex offender walks from court

SERIAL child sex offender Andrew Mark Hugh Dickeson has walked, not quite free, from Gympie District Court, after a judge referred to limitations on his sentencing power.

The court was told Dickeson, 43, had a long history of child sex offences and Judge Gary Long said this included past offences of maintaining an unlawful relationship with two eight year old girls and photographing a third girl's exposed genital area.

Dickeson, 43, had been diagnosed as socially inept and fantasy ridden and also had multiple personality disorder, Judge Long noted in his sentencing remarks.

Dickeson was being dealt with after he pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent treatment of a boy, 12, by photographing him with Dickeson's partly undressed then partner, former Gympie nurse Kaja Francesca Drake.

Dickeson also pleaded guilty to possessing a substantial collection of child pornography, 12 charges of failing to report contact with children as required by a court order and two of breaching a young girl's privacy by making secret recordings of her.


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The court was told that on February 21, 2015 Dickeson took photographs of the boy, showing "sexualised posing with both your female partner and the other man."

Kaja Francesca Drake (formerly Warren).
Kaja Francesca Drake (formerly Warren).

The boy had said he had been given "shots" of alcohol and had become "pretty drunk," Judge Long said.

One of the photos showed the boy with "his buttocks exposed while his underpants were pulled down," while Drake, described as being in a "state of undress but not without underwear," made a motion "to whip his buttocks."

Another photograph showed the boy "asleep with a penis being held in front of his face" and unaware of what was occurring.

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All this had come to light when police began to investigate him in October 2015, after Dickeson posted an online update of his contact with children, including the boy," Judge Long said.

Child exploitation material found in the investigation included 2133 separate images and 11 separate movies.

The judge said this showed Dickeson's involvement with "a much larger group of children who are abused by the making of this sort of material."

Dickeson also had six photographs of a fully clothed young girl who "appeared to be unaware (of the photography) and which are focused on her genital area and buttocks."

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In 2003, Dickeson had been jailed for 10 years for maintaining an unlawful relationship with a child under 16, five years for indecent treatment by taking photographs and 12 months for possessing objectionable computer material, the judge said.

He had served eight years jail when released on parole in 2011.

He had also been jailed in Gympie Magistrates Court for failing to report as required.

Judge Long said a psychiatic report had noted "multiple personality disorder and pedophilia" and a need for Dickeson "to finally recognise your responsibility for your offences."

He said punishment was required to involve consideration of a need to "denounce your conduct" and to consider rehabilitation, deterrence and protection of the community.

"Preventive sentencing is not sanctioned (by law)," the judge said.

He ordered Dickeson be on probation for three years, with another sentence of three-and-a-half years suspended to hang over his head for five years.

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