The Script's singer Danny O'Donoghue
The Script's singer Danny O'Donoghue

The Script rescue woman from car wreckage

The Script don't consider themselves heroes despite pulling a woman from a car wreckage on Thursday.  

The band were making their way to Key 103's Christmas Live Show in Manchester, North West England, when they rescued a driver who was stuck in her vehicle, which had hit a roadside barrier and flipped over on the M40 motorway.  

However, the band's drummer Glen Power has downplayed their actions, saying: "No we're not heroes. It's a bit strange people saying it. Anyone would have done the same.  

"When you see someone in trouble and you're so close to it and there's no-one else taking action, you've got to do something."  

He told Daily Star Online: "You just think if that was somebody close to you in the car, what would you want someone to do.

"We just tore the doors off and tried to help, that's all."   

Speaking after the incident, singer Danny O'Donoghue, 34, said: "The girl said she couldn't feel her legs. She was so weak, so we helped her to the side of the road, sat her down, put a jacket around her, gave her some drink and waited for the ambulance."

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