Scores of spectators pull up a stump

THE Laidley Cricket Club celebrated a fantastic weekend at Bichel Oval with the naming of the "Michael Brennan Clubroom".

A large number of spectators attended the match over the weekend in the first-grade match against Brothers. The Laidley team was lucky enough to have the services of former international cricketers Andrew Bichel and Ashley Noffke.

Both players entertained the crowd with a great display of fast bowling and wonderful batting over the two days. The result went the way of the home side, compiling 4/298 declared, with Brothers managing 172 in reply.

Second grade played Brothers at Ivor Marsden and completed the rare feat of attaining an outright result against their opponent. The Blue Dogs bowlers did the job on both days knocking Brothers over cheaply in both innings. Jesse Godwin and Matt Grassick continued to put claims in for first grade spots with solid performances.

Laidley first innings

T. Ilka ct Dixon b Lindley 29

J. Dawes lbw Lindley 13

L. McKendry ct and b Richardson 11

M. Sippel not out 130

A. Noffke ct Buffet b Lewis 81

J. Dodt not out 22

Sundries 12

Total 4/298 dec

FOW: 44, 46, 84, 245.

Bowling: S. Lewis 13-1-59-1; J. Lindley 15-2-60-2; D. Richardson 16-1-79-1; J. Mulligan 12-0-71-0; D. Musanha 4-0-25-0.

Brothers first innings

J. Buffet lbw Sippel 23

D. Musanha ct P. Wood b J. Bichel 9

B. Dwyer b J. Bichel 14

L. Dixon ct Dodt b J. Wood 30

J. Richardson ct Dodt b A. Bichel 29

S. Madsen lbw J. Wood 1

K. Dixon ct Gibson b J. Wood 11

J. Mulligan b Gibson 16

D. Richardson lbw Gibson 19

S. Lewis b Gibson 9

J. Lindley not out 0

Sundries 11

Total 172

FOW: 17, 48, 52, 90, 102, 118, 139, 143, 163, 172.

Bowling: J. Bichel 11-2-32-2; M. Sippel 10-1-33-1; B. Gibson 9.3-2-26-3; J. Wood 12-1-45-3; A. Bichel 5-1-13-1; A. Noffke 6-2-15-0; L. McKendry 2-1-3-0.

Laidley second innings

J. Dodt lbw Lewis 9

J. Cubit b Mulligan 17

L. McKendry lbw Lindley 11

A. Bichel ct Buffet b Musanha 80

J. Bichel ct Dixon b Musanha 30

J. Wood not out 25

J. Dawes not out 26

Sundries 9

Total 5/208

FOW: 14, 33, 59, 119, 166.

Bowling: S. Lewis 5-2-6-1; J. Lindley 6-0-36-1; D. Richardson 8-0-49-0; J. Mulligan 4-1-11-1; D. Muhsanha 11-0-73-2.

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