Scooter raises cash

TWO local boys have joined the cause by building a scooter to raise money for the Grantham Flood Support appeal.

After two 10-year-olds in New South Wales decided to build a scooter and auction it for charity, another person has bought it and decided to re-auction it to maximise funds for flood relief victims.

Lachlan Martin, with his friend Jack McMichael, built the scooter through his school holiday and did it for the greater good of kids to have a good time despite the disaster that happened last month.

“We were watching the news and we saw that so many people died,” Lachlan said.

“All the kids lost their Christmas presents and stuff – we thought we would do something for them.”

They were hoping to auction their creation for $1000 on eBay to go directly to the fund and help out their town.

Lachlan's mother, Sue Martin, said it was a great idea to auction it online and get as many people interested to raise lots of money for the appeal.

“Eighteen watchers were watching it after a week and the recommended retail is $500 for a custom-made District scooter,” she said.

Teresa Francis bought the scooter for $1000 and agreed to re-auction it for more funds for the community.

Mrs Francis is from Kumbia, near Kingaroy, and decided to help the money go a little bit further.

“It is like a little web of everybody helping others out. We were fortunate enough to be given $1000 from a friend of my mother's in Canada.

“She was watching what was happening in Queensland and the horror unfolding on TV and she put aside some money to give to flood victims.

“My brother used to live in Murphys Creek and I went there 10 days after the flood.

“I read it on Facebook and donated the money to their cause. They wanted to raise $1000 and I was lucky enough to help.

“I don't need a scooter, so I have spoken to Murray who lives in Murphys Creek and he said they would be happy to raffle it.”

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