Peter Schulte from Schulte's Meat Tavern.
Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times
Peter Schulte from Schulte's Meat Tavern. Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times Rob Williams

Ipswich butcher's beer sticks, jerky success to go global

ONE of the best-known butchers in the region doesn't plan to rest on its laurels, even after taking out the large retailer award at the Lockyer Valley Business Awards on the weekend.

Schulte's fresh gourmet market in Plainland is fast earning a reputation for their high standards, and as a proud family business, have set their sights on taking their locally made products to the whole world.

Melinda Schulte takes care of the company's marketing, and is well known in the local community with a surname that has become synonymous with good meat.

"We offer fantastic customer service, and while our prices aren't always the cheapest in a competitive market, our quality and our standards are the highest," said Melinda Schulte.

"We continually work on our standards, my husband Peter's ethos is to make products that are good enough to put on his own family dinner table, and he's always walking through the shop checking on things."

The company manufactures its own mettwurst products, that don't need refrigeration, and it is these products, for example Beer sticks, that are popping up all over the area, along with meat trays at many pubs and clubs. It seems Ipswich locals can't get enough of Schulte's products.

"All our cattle comes from Goondiwindi and our pork from Millmerran, and because we have our own abattoir, along with our own manufacturing division, we can control the quality of the products. It's important to support local farmers and produce.

"We have an amazing team of people, and we try to put lots of training and education in to them and we're at the point now where people are taking ownership of their departments and it is time to look further afield," Melinda said.

"We are now in the run to Christmas which is huge for us, but the next step is we will be doubling the size of our factory and pushing out wholesale into bigger markets, especially with mettwurst, beersticks and our beef jerky.

"Our mettwurst and beersticks are a fermented and cultured products, as there are some products we do that may improve gut health. We have one customer that was very limited in the foods he could eat, and he took some of our mettwurst to his doctors as it was the only thing that he was able to eat."

More family members have joined the company, including three of Melinda and Peter's children who work in the business.

"If I had to choose a favourite product I think our Maple Bacon is the best. It takes two weeks to make and never leaves the premises during the whole process. It's traditionally wood smoked and we don't do it in massive quantities, as we make it with love.

"It's nice to get the award, and know that people recognise what we are trying to do. I get texts from my staff wherever they go and see our products for sale," she said. "We all have such a great sense of pride in what we do."

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