Schoolies arrests up from last year, but on par with 2012

NEARLY 50 schoolies were arrested over the event's first weekend - but most school leavers were partying legally.

Police arrested 45 schoolies, and 27 non-schoolies, known as toolies, on the Gold Coast during the first few days.

Acting Chief Superintendent Des Lacy said on Monday numbers were up on last year but suggested severe storms dampened festivities in 2013.

"But having a look at 2012 when we had good weather, we're actually on par with 2012," he said.

"I must say but, the non-schoolies, there's been plenty of attention to those people in media; the figures of arrests compared to the last three years are the lowest we've seen."

Two Ipswich girls were arrested on drugs charges, one charged with supplying ecstasy, over the weekend after police raided a high rise building.

However Mr Lacy said drugs were to be expected anywhere in the modern world.

"We can't associate possession of drugs just with schoolies activities. This is a national and international issue that we have," he said.

"And naturally when we have 25,000 young people together we're going to have these kinds of offences. This is not just restricted to schoolies."

Mr Lacy said he was pleased with schoolies behaviour over the event's first days with most people celebrating legally.

"Bear in mind this is only the very small percentage of schoolies who break the law. There is a very large percentage of that 25,000 having a wonderful time and not committing offences," he said.


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