RUG UP: Freezing temps and thick frost herald the last day of autumn 2017.
RUG UP: Freezing temps and thick frost herald the last day of autumn 2017. Jonno Colfs

Say hello to winter

AFTER sauntering through a sun-drenched autumn, Rose City residents have been jolted back to reality by winter's icy grasp.

White blankets of frost have been spread across Warwick lawns this week, just in time for winter's official arrival today.

The city's temperature gauges have this week dropped into the negatives for the first time this year.

Maximum temperatures for autumn dropped from a high of 31.4 degrees in March to the lowest, just 16.3 degrees in May.

The average maximum for the season was 24.3 degrees, which was only 0.4 degrees below the average for the region.

The minimums fell in much the same pattern, from 20.7 degrees in March to a freezing -2.7 degrees yesterday morning.

The average minimum for autumn was 11.7 degrees, which was a 0.6 degree rise on the historical average.

During the during the whole season Warwick only had six days drop below 20 degrees and there were nine days above 30 degrees, all in March.

Yesterday was the only autumn day to record sub-zero temperatures, hitting 2.7 degrees.

The last time it was that cold in May was May 12, 2012 when the reached -3 degrees.

Rainfall for the three months of the season totalled 243.6mm, with almost half of that total falling in two days, March 30 and 31.

The total rainfall Warwick received this year is more than 100mm above the average for this period, which is 135.8mm.

Coming up in June, Warwick residents look forward to an average maximum temperature of 18.3 degrees, which will slip only slightly to 18 in July.

The average minimum temperature for June is 5 degrees, with the coldest ever recorded temperature an icy -7 degrees back on June 30, 2004.

If history is anything to go by, Warwick can expect five days where the temperature dips below freezing in June.

The region can expect 10 days of rain in June dropping a total of 25mm, although last year 109.8mm fell during the month.

One thing is sure, we'll have a cold few months.

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