Santos GLNG gas transportation pipeline under construction. Photo Contributed
Santos GLNG gas transportation pipeline under construction. Photo Contributed Contributed

Santos's EIS 'light on details'

AN ANTI-gas group believes Santos's 29-part environmental impact statement into their planned western Queensland gas field expansion is "inadequate" and light on details.

The Lock the Gate Alliance submission to the State Government regarding the proposed expansion said the EIS ignored the impact on the environment, agriculture and water supplies in the region.

The expansion would result in further coal seam gas and pipeline development in the Western Downs, Maranoa, Central Highlands and Banana council regions.

"We find the (EIS) that has been exhibited to be thoroughly inadequate a description and assessment of the impact of such an extensive project, over varied and rich environments, with potentially long-lasting impacts that are at best poorly sketched by the proponent," the statement read.

"The EIS does not sufficiently address the values of the different gas fields, which should each have been subject to detailed assessment."

The proposed expansion would form part of the Gladstone Curtis Island pipeline project.

A Santos spokesman said the EIS had been scientific and thorough.

"Santos GLNG has full confidence in the quality of the extensive scientific studies undertaken as part of this EIS, and in the integrity of state and federal regulatory bodies, including the Independent Expert Scientific Committee on CSG, which will review the application," he said.

The Lock the Gate's submission called for Santos to disclose the facilities' locations.

But the Santos spokesman said that was impossible before the project was approved and long-term negotiations with landholders began.

"Santos GLNG has no intention of seeking to impose the location of infrastructure on anyone's property through an EIS process," he said,

"This requires further consultation and negotiation with individual landholders, who can choose whether or not they want any wells on their property. It is extraordinary that Lock the Gate should insist that we do otherwise."


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