Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: a tablet that's easy on the eye

YOU have to have a great screen to watch a full movie on a tablet device.

And it needs to be light enough to hold and be comfortable in your hands.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 ticks both boxes.

This is arguably one of the best tablets on the market with its stunning Super AMOLED display, which is optimised for reading as well as video viewing.

With a 4:3 ratio, the screen is more designed for reading than it is for multimedia.

That said, we found it great for watching Netflix and even full movies, especially if you expand out the screen to reduce the black borders.

The Tab S2 is the thinnest and lightest metal frame of its size on the market, making it a sophisticated and fashionable alternative to the Apple's tablets.

The device is just 5.6mm thin and weighs 389 grams for the 9.7 inch model. The 8 inch model is even lighter at 265 grams.

 The tablet is perfect for reading e-books, magazines, surfing web pages as well as doing more mundane tasks like reading hundreds of emails.

The display is definitely its selling point, being super easy on the eye.

Samsung says it has worked hard deliver deeper contrasts and more precise details.

Photos and videos certainly pop out of the device with more vivid and true to life colours than other tablets and indeed earlier Samsung devices.

The Galaxy Tab S2 uses adaptive display that adjusts gamma, saturation and sharpness based on the application, colour temperature of the viewing environment and ambient lighting.

Reading Mode adjusts the brightness to help users to read for longer without straining the eyes.

While the device is a perfect play tool, it also offers plenty for business users.

It comes preloaded with Microsoft Office Solutions (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and One Note), allowing you to create and edit documents on the road.

It is also compatible with the Book Cover Keyboard that offers a standard PC keyboard with a built-in track pad.

The tablet has a single touch-enabled fingerprint scanner which is fairly quick to setup and easy to use.

The user interface is easy to get your head around, especially if you already have a Samsung smartphone.

Even those more accustomed to the Apple iOS will find it pretty quick to pick up with most navigation through the home key, a key on either side or just by clicking on the app icons themselves.

Smart Manager displays the device's settings automatically, including battery power levels, storage and RAM availability for users to efficiently manage the device.

S Finder helps you quickly locate things on your device while Quick Connect allows you to share files and photos with other nearby devices. 

Galaxy Tab S2 also offers Multitasking, allowing users to view and run two apps simultaneously. However, some apps, fail to harness that capability.

The device comes in a variety of options including with Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi and LTE, in 32 or 64GB with MicroSD up to 128GB.

The tablet is powered by a Quad 1.9GHz and Quad 1.3GHz Octacore processor and runs Android 5.0 (Lollipop).

The rear camera is a more than adequate eight megapixels while the front is 2.1.

Google services include the Chrome browser, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Hangouts, the Play Store, Play Movies an TV, Play Music, Drive and Photos.

Pricing starts at $499 for the 8 inch Wi-Fi version through to $749 for the 9.7 inch 4G version. 

There are certainly cheaper Android tablets around but it is arguably better value than similar iPads.

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