Boat needs to be shaken at Federal level for equal rights

CANBERRA has laid the foundations for what could be a big push from Rockhampton and the rest of Australia.

That's what Rockhampton's Alan Flood believes after the High Court yesterday unanimously ruled against laws allowing same-sex marriage.

A total of 27 couples, including some from other states, used the laws to tie the knot last weekend after same-sex marriage was briefly legalised.

But the High Court's ruling was that the laws were inconsistent with the Federal Marriage Act, and were therefore unconstitutional.

Mr Flood, who is a member of the Capricornia group of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, said now the boat had to be shaken at the Federal Government level.

He said if the laws couldn't be changed because of the legislation, then the legislation needed to be tackled by the people of Australia.

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"Australia is behind a number of countries, like New Zealand, on the same-sex marriage issue," he said.

"Queensland is too, for that matter. You won't see our state legalising anytime soon but people are becoming more receptive of same-sex marriage today as opposed to previous years."

The ACT argued that its laws could sit beside the federal legislation because it had defined a different type of marriage between same-sex couples.

The High Court delivered its decision early to give certainty to those wanting to use the law, but said it might be some time before a full judgment was released.

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