FINDING out she was obese came as a shock to Sally Yin.

The mum-of-three has struggled with her weight most of her life, but at 87kg she did not consider herself obese.

"Of course I knew I was overweight but I didn't understand how bad it was," she said.

"I got the biggest fright of my life finding out I fell into the obese category.

"That was one of the main triggers of my weight loss. I knew the fat had to go."

Sally Yin was motivated to lose weight after she found out she was obese
Sally Yin was motivated to lose weight after she found out she was obese Contributed

Mrs Yin said at her heaviest she weighed more than she did when she was nine months pregnant.

"I knew my weight was becoming an issue after my hips began deteriorating; it fatigued me to the point where daily tasks were becoming an epic ordeal," she said.

"I was knocking on the door of a hip replacement, my breathing wasn't efficient, I was always uncomfortable, I hated looking at myself and I just could not bear the thought of getting any bigger."

In September last year Mrs Yin decided to make a positive change in her life and shed the kilos.

With the help of Jenny Craig Toowoomba, in the past 12 months she has lost 22kg and plans to lose another 4kg.

"Over the years I had tried to lose the weight on my own but I would always give up," she said.

"For me, having someone to be accountable to every week gives me extra incentive."

Earlier this year the Heart Foundation released an analysis, based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data, stating the Darling Downs is the country's most obese region.

It was revealed more than 44 per cent of our residents are obese, and almost three-quarters do not do enough physical activity.

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The Heart Foundation's Rachelle Foreman said the statistics were shocking.

"The image of a typical Queenslander is often of a fit, active, outdoor person but these statistics are painting a very different picture, particularly in regional areas," she said.

"In fact, we are largely a state of couch dwellers.

"We are creating bodies that are breeding grounds for heart disease."

She said Queenslanders and Darling Downs residents in particular needed to get moving.

"We know that people lead busy lives and a lot of that time is spent sitting down, in a car or at work," she said.

"Physical activity is a wonder drug that has so many benefits with no side effects. The decision to be active for at least 30 minutes a day and sit less is enough to reduce your heart disease risk."

On top of eating healthy Mrs Yin also exercises four times a week.

"It's never too late to make a change, no matter how big, busy or old you are. Dietary related health diseases are rising each year; I don't want to become another statistic," she said.

"I feel healthier all round and I feel great knowing what I have achieved."


  •  Drink water, especially before meals.
  •  Cut back on added sugar.
  •  Exercise portion control.
  •  Keep healthy food around, in case you get hungry.
  •  Eat more vegetables and fruit.
  •  Eat more fibre.
  •  Get lots of sleep.

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