This year's Bathurst won't be like those that came before, writes Paul Murray
This year's Bathurst won't be like those that came before, writes Paul Murray Contributed

The sad side of my favourite sporting week of the year

There's a dark cloud over this year's Bathurst race. It's not the type that brings rain and makes for scary times on the track. It's the looming doom of our local car industry.

This week Toyota shut down, leaving Holden as the only company making cars in Australia -- and they close down in a couple of weeks.

Motorsport is a wonderful celebration of engineering, risk and tremendous skill. But it's also always served as a way of selling cars to Australians.

We love races not just for the action, but a knowledge that the cars came from here.

There was a clear and direct connection between the factory floor and the winners' podium at Bathurst for almost 60 years.

That ends this year.

We can't let this moment pass without saying thank you to everyone who has worked building Aussie cars for Aussie roads and the people who brought them Aussie racetracks.

I hope the marketing departments at Holden and Ford don't forget the people who made their brands great, the people who didn't just buy a car but who joined the tribe.

We are not bogans to be embarrassed by, we are car buyers who have been so loyal and will be (perhaps) for life.

Don't take us for granted and please, continue to support this great Australian sport for the next 60 years.


Where were the lights for the Vegas victims?

When 49 people were gunned down in a nightclub in the US last year, we here in Australia lit up any monument we could with the rainbow colours to show love for the victims.

This mass shooting took place at a gay nightclub and the world embraced the victims.

But this week, nothing happened when 59 people, in the same country, were killed by a lunatic in Las Vegas.

I don't know why they didn't do it this time, but I can guess and it's not pleasant.

Is there some strange part of our elites' psyche that thought these victims weren't as innocent because they were partying in a city that's in the heart of gun country?

These people were just as innocent as the ones in the nightclub last year and deserved the same solidarity as the victims of Orlando.

Or is it that our elites have so dehumanised 'Trump's America' that we couldn't bring ourselves to openly mourn the loss of innocent American lives?


Ignore the polls, fill out the damn form.

Good to see so many people have already voted in the Same Sex Marriage survey.

Close to 60% have posted their forms back and that's great news.

I hope it's a yes vote, but again the official campaign pushing for it is doing nothing to help its cause.

They have taken their foot off the pedal and are getting lazy letting the media get away with selling the message that this thing is over.

If I was the Yes effort, I'd make everyone think their vote is the one that counts, because who knows, it might.

So yes or no, fill it out and hopefully we can stop talking about this issue and move the heck on.

*Joining Paul on the program this Monday are Graham Richardson, Ross Cameron and Janine Perrett.

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