This lovely floribunda rose proves that Black Marvel works.
This lovely floribunda rose proves that Black Marvel works.

Rose food bears stunning spring blooms

ROSE growers may be happy to learn about an excellent new premium rose food known as Black Marvel, produced by the well known company Richgro in South Australia.

We had some sent to us to trial, and not having any of those beautiful plants in our small garden, we gave some to two friends to try out, with amazing results.

Dorothy enjoyed the best crop of flowers she's ever had on her bed of roses, with one lovely floribunda, which had only been able to produce buds that dropped off previously, having beautiful displays of delightful red and white flowers.

C & K are even happier as, for the first time since planting their roses about four years ago on The Range, they have had them all flowering and growing well.

Black Marvel with Sulphate of Potash & Iron, is being used by the experts, as it is claimed to be the best plant food for your roses, boosting strong healthy roses and maximizing blooms.

We are pleased to say it sounds the way to go.


Problem solving

Many readers may be having problems with sooty mould on plants at present.

This is usually caused by sap-sucking pests known as scale, small lumps you see on leaves that often go hand in hand with stickiness which is a sugary sap produced by the plant and extracted by the scale.

Scale can be smooth and shiny; others look like a small lump of wax or plastic, as well as fluffy varieties.

The black sooty coating is caused by the scale, as well as ants that feed on the sugary secretions scale produces, so you have two problems.

Stop the ants by smearing a band of petroleum jelly around the base of the plant, and if there are only a few, they can be removed by hand, or gently scrub with a soft brush and some non-perfumed soap.

If there are too many for that, spray the plant with PestOil or Yates White Oil, and Yates Scale Gun combines white oil with pyrethrum, making it most effective.


Hanging baskets

Pelargonium Survivor
Pelargonium Survivor Picasa

Among the many welcome gifts our friends enjoy are colourful plants in containers, to suit either sheltered or outdoor areas.

If you are planning on a do-it-yourself gift for special friends or relations, give it some thought right now.

Drop into your favourite garden centre, to find suitable basket plants - low growing perennials, bromeliads, ferns, spreading annuals, groundcovers, the range of daisies, pelargoniums and more.

Next select the container - lined wire baskets suit almost everything and come in many sizes, purchase a premium basket/potting mix containing plant food and re-wetting granules with all the ticks, take it home and plant it all up.


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