Ferdous Alam,  the wife of Syied Alam. FILE IMAGE
Ferdous Alam, the wife of Syied Alam. FILE IMAGE WIN News

ROCKY MURDER UPDATE: A pregnant widow's nightmare revealed

ANY day now Ferdous Alam will give birth to her third son.

But what should be a time of celebration, is anything but.

Her two other boys, Shuwife Bin, 2, and Aziz, 7, no longer have a father.  Ferdous's unborn son will never meet his father.  She is a 25-year-old widow.

Syeid Alam's remains were found in an inlet off the Fitzroy River, near Macalister St, last month.  Yesterday police charged his close friend Mohammed Khan with his murder. 

This morning, less than 24 hours after charges were laid, Syeid's brother Shah Alam took us inside the family's South Rockhampton home.

Shah said Ferdous wasn't available - she was in hospital for checks.

She's expected to return home later today.

It is a home where many tears are being shed.  How do you tell two young boys they will never see their father again?

"We are a little bit happy, but so very sad," Shah said when asked his thoughts on the development in the police investigation.

He said the youngest child was "crying, all the time" and asking when his father would come home.

Mohammed was a family friend.  He spent much of his time in Syeid's company and was a regular visitor to the family home.

"He was a very close friend of my brother…they were always at each other's homes," Shah said.

Shah flew to Rockhampton from his home city of Sydney as soon as he heard about Syeid's death.

He said he would return to Sydney when the time was right.

At the moment, he doesn't know when that will be or what Ferdous will do.

He thinks it likely she will bring her sons and follow him.  There's not much left here in Rockhampton for them.

The Alams came to Australia from Burma for a better life.  They are Rohingya Muslims; among the most persecuted religions in the world.

Shah said his brother had been in Rockhampton for three or four years and liked his life here.

"He liked working at the meatworks," Shah said.

Shah thanked the authorities who he said had kept the family constantly updated.

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