Susan Schneider and Robin Williams
Susan Schneider and Robin Williams Bang Showbiz

Robin Williams' wife 'forced' into legal battle

ROBIN Williams' wife had to "fight" to keep his "slippers".

Susan Schneider - who had been married to the 'Mrs. Doubtfire' star for three years until his suicide in August 2014 - has been embroiled in a now-settled court action with her stepchildren Zachary, Zelda, and Cody and says she was forced into the legal battle after learning she could lose their wedding gifts as they were regarded as "memorabilia".

She said: "They were going to come and start clearing out items in the house without me even here. I raised my [concern]. I said, 'Can we discuss this?'

"I had to fight to keep my husband's slippers.

"[The trustees] were stonewalling me, and I was forced to go to the courts. Did I want to? No. But you know what, I was going to stand up for what Robin wanted, and I was going to stand up for me and my sons, so I was forced to do that and then all kinds of ugly things started happening."

And Susan was left particularly upset by claims she had splashed out on having the room where her husband died - her son's bedroom - remodelled, insisting she made changes so her teenager wouldn't have to stay in the room and to preserve the space in tribute to her spouse.

She told People magazine: "I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to tell my boy that [his bedroom] is where Robin decided to go. How am I supposed to tell my 14-year-old son, 'By the way, that's where you're going to sleep when we get home.' I don't think so.

"So someone suggested, 'Take the collection room and convert it to a bedroom and when you guys move back in, he can sleep there, and we'll forever make that room Robin's room, and we'll find our way.' "

The graphic designer is relieved the dispute has now been settled in accordance with the 'Night at the Museum' star's wishes.

She said: "Every inch of this house. It's us, it's him, this is it.

"And all that came out of that finally, after the long battle which was apparently necessary but didn't have to be, was my husband's wishes were heard. The judge heard it, and we get to live here until I die, and this will be split amongst the five children, and I get to be with Robin."

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