Roadside bomb shuts down Bruce Highway

POLICE have ruled out any terrorist link to a homemade bomb found on the side of the road in Cairns.

District Duty Officer Senior Sergeant James Coate said the homemade explosive device had a likely bomb blast radius of no more than 100m.

Police suspect the bomb-maker was most likely somebody who'd tried to make something that'd "go bang to make a bit of fun", he said.

It was found out in the open - not concealed in a rucksack - and planted on the side of the Bruce Highway at Edmonton next to a sugarcane field.

"But there's no indication why,'' Senior Sergeant Coate said.

He also declined to detail the method or ingredients used to make the bomb except to say it was not "commercial".

Bomb disposal experts were due to detonate the explosive device about 5.45pm to allow the closed highway to reopen to peak hour traffic.


Police say an explosive device, believed to be a home-made bomb, has been found on the Bruce Highway at Edmonton, near Cairns.

A Queensland Police spokeswoman said initial investigations and scans deemed the object to be consistent with an explosive device.

Both lanes of the highway have been cut for hours.

Police say further testing will now be conducted.

The item was found at around 11.45am by a member of the public and reported to police.

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