Amelia Galea and Cheeky/Mr Expensive
Amelia Galea and Cheeky/Mr Expensive Nathan Greaves

Riding high in Gatton horse show

RIDERS and enthusiasts from across the country have stampeded into the Gatton showgrounds for the annual QLD Sunshine State Quarter Horse Show.

Nearly two hundred horses are taking part in the Gatton Quarter Horse & Performance Association event, from the evening of Wednesday 3 July, through to Sunday 7 July.

Horses and riders from as far afield as Victoria and South Australia made the lengthy journey into Gatton for the opportunity to take part in the show, with some of the judges even travelling all the way from America.

Among the competitors was sixteen-year-old Lockyer Valley rider Amelia Galea, who has been riding for ten years.

Her speciality is the 'Western Pleasure' category, which involves riding horses that are bred and trained to move at a leisurely, steady pace.

"It's basically going around in circles really slow,” Amelia said.

While it sounds like an easy, comfortable job, it requires years of skill and work from the rider.

Amelia scored several first and second place ranking in different categories during the show, and her efforts in previous shows have led her being selected to represent Australia in events overseas later this year and next.

"I'm keen to go to New Zealand and see where it goes from there,” she said.

"I'll go to the Netherlands, I'm thinking about going to America for a while and training just for a few months to see how that goes. I really enjoy it.”

Amelia's mother Kerry said it would be nice if the sport could recieve more rcognition.

"A lot of people come to Gatton because they enjoy this show. It's not the flashest of grounds, but everybody enjoys coming here. It's a nice atmosphere.” Kerry said.

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