Ricky Muir declines Clive Palmer's invitation

MOTORING Enthusiast Party senator-elect Ricky Muir will decline Clive Palmer's invitation to attend his Fairfax Festival Weekend.

The fledgling politician - who will be a key figure in the Palmer United Party-aligned voting bloc from July 1 - has had few public appearances since he was elected.

Mr Palmer told media during a press conference on Friday that he would "probably have Ricky Muir too but it's not confirmed yet" as he listed the political names attending the his festival.

The three-day festival, next weekend, has been touted as a chance for locals to visit the Palmersauraus dinosaur park and the Palmer Motorama vintage car museum for free.

Mr Palmer, a prominent mining businessman, did not miss a chance to mention his wealth.

"I don't see why I shouldn't share that success with people of my electorate," he said.

But AMEP founder Keith Littler, a spokesperson for Mr Muir, said Mr Muir was unavailable.

"He has been invited but unfortunately he won't be attending," he said.

"He is a little busy at the moment and his time will be taken up until he starts in the Senate."

Mr Muir hit the headlines at election time when a YouTube video surfaced showing him in a backyard kangaroo-poo fight and letting his eight-year-old daughter drive a car and do "burnouts".

In another newly surfaced YouTube video, the father of five offers a how-to guide to stress-free parenting as he looks after his daughter and niece.

"I'm here to show you that parenting is really not that bad at all," the timber mill worker says from his backyard in the small Victorian town of Heyfield.

The video was shot before the 2013 Federal Election and has since been removed from the site.

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