WINNERS: The Kilcoy Bowls Club is one of the organisations to have received a share of the Somerset’s community assistance grant money.
WINNERS: The Kilcoy Bowls Club is one of the organisations to have received a share of the Somerset’s community assistance grant money.

REVEALED: 10 community groups awarded vital funding

COMMUNITY groups across the Somerset have benefited from the latest round of the council’s community assistance grants program, sharing in close to $50,000 in funds.

Each financial year, the council holds two rounds of the program, encouraging organisations in the region to apply for funding to assist with projects, upgrades and events.

Councillors expressed their enthusiasm for the planned projects.

“It’s a really good round, there’s some strong opportunities here,” councillor Sean Choat said.

Read on to find out the ten groups to share in the funding for Round 2 in the 2019/20 financial year.

Brisbane Valley Pony and Hack Club

This group has applied for a $5000 grant to assist with the estimated $30,000 cost of purchasing a new tractor to maintain the cross-country course.

It was noted the tractor would also be beneficial in maintaining other areas of the grounds and assisting with regional shows and campdrafts in the area, which the club is heavily involved in.

The requested amount was paid in full.

Queensland Country Women’s Association

The QCWA Esk branch asked for $4224.70 to help cover costs of installing new airconditioning at its hall.

Due to the age of the hall, the council recommended first contracting an engineer to compile a report on whether installation of airconditioning at the site would be safe and cost-effective.

A total of $2500 was granted to the Esk QCWA.

Esk Men’s Shed

A permanent home could soon be in place for the activities of the Esk Men’s Shed, which applied for $9900 to assist with planning and construction.

Councillors approved the grant in full but noted the lease of the land the structure would be built on hadn’t been finalised yet, so a condition was added for the grant to only be given once the lease had been resolved.

Kilcoy Bowls Club

With the site currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Kilcoy Bowls Club has decided now is the ideal time to carry out some long-overdue repainting of the club’s interior.

The group noted it had the financial capacity to fund the works itself, but felt its money would be better spent on ongoing operating costs during the prolonged closure.

The club applied for $4383.25 in grant money and was ultimately given $3383.25 by the council.

Kilcoy District Historical Society

On October 12, Kilcoy celebrated the centenary of the unveiling of the Memorial Clock commemorating William Butler, who is known as the ‘father of Kilcoy’.

The Kilcoy District Historical Society is seeking a $215.60 grant to fund the creation of a weatherproof replica of the plaque that was presented with the clock, to be installed on the clock.

The original plaque will remain with the historical society for safekeeping.

The grant was approved, along with in-kind support to assist with the installation.

Linville Hall Committee

A total of $4640 was requested by the Linville Hall Committee to carry out a 16-week trial of fitness classes, open to locals and visitors.

The council recommended an eight-week trial might be more appropriate under current circumstances and granted the group $2320.

The committee also requested a separate grant of $6738 for the purchase of maintenance equipment and labour hire for the upkeep of the grounds.

The council granted the committee $5958 for labour hire.

Lowood Recreational Complex

To address safety concerns about stray balls striking vehicles or getting lost in long grass, the Lowood Recreational Complex has requested $9000 to go towards the $10,670 cost of installing new ball fences on both ends of the playing fields.

Given the location is used regularly, attracting upwards of 1000 people a week through training and games (under ordinary circumstances), the council recognised the benefits of the project and awarded the $9000 in full.

Lowood Show Society

While there will be no Lowood Show this year, the organisers are eager to make sure next year’s event will be better than ever, with a $11,521.40 plan to install new poultry cages.

The old cages were demolished in 2019 due to asbestos concerns.

The Show Society requested $9521.40 for the project and was allocated $5760.70.

Mount Stanley Muster

Committee members have requested $5199 to cover the cost of purchasing a new zero-turn mower for maintaining the Mount Stanley Muster Grounds.

The council noted the group was very proactive about upgrading its grounds, having organised working bees through the year and using their own equipment to keep costs down.

Recognising the benefits an on-site mower would bring, the council approved the requested amount.

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