Relationships: Boyfriends versus husbands

Rides a motorbike? Boyfriend. Fun boyfriend, but boyfriend never the less.
Rides a motorbike? Boyfriend. Fun boyfriend, but boyfriend never the less. g-stockstudio

MANY women struggle with the difference between a boyfriend and a husband, plunging into unholy matrimony with a man who would have been best kept for Saturday night. The two may be cut from the same biological cloth but, on other crucial levels, can be worlds apart.

Of course there are tales of women who have turned a man who seemed like a perennial boyfriend into the perfect husband, but let's not deal with those statistical anomalies here.

Some dubious choices for Father of the Year include Mr Flashy, Mr Supermodel, Mr Share-the-Love and Mr Married to his Job. The guy who takes you to the newest, hippest bar and the best restaurant is a dream date. But, after you say I do, will he be happy with pizza at home or will your stress levels peak each month with the arrival of the maxed credit card bill?

That sports car he drives? Nice. But can you picture a baby seat in the back? Can he? Or is it part of his persona?

Mr Supermodel poses a different set of challenges. Ask yourself if you really want to share the mirror, and the hairdryer, with this guy for the rest of your life. Or if he's so used to constant attention that when the children come along, he won't cope with the distraction. And what about the maintenance - yours, not his. Could you ever really not shave your legs, forget to dye your roots, or let go of your Botox injections with a man who looks like Brad Pitt?

Unless you are 100% secure in your own irresistibility, even in a tracksuit, you have a lifetime of beautician appointments ahead of you.

Everyone's had a Mr-Share-the-Love. This guy is usually great in the sack and, for this reason, feels that he shouldn't be selfish about it. That's fine for a casual fling. But if you're not the sharing, caring kind, you might prefer someone who plays at home after you agree on 'til death do us to part.

There are other ways to judge boyfriend versus husband material. Barman, stripper, stockbroker, pizza delivery guy, actor … boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, er, boyfriend.

Builder, teacher, accountant.. … husband all the way.I'm not saying husbands have to be boring. Far from it. But when you're ticking that life partner box, try projecting 30 years.

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