Rejoice: Tip site thrown out after locals' outrage

BRIAN Clews is relieved.

The Lockyer Valley Regional Council's decision to find a different site for the proposed transfer plant at Glenore Grove has fallen into welcome arms.

For Mr Clews, it means he can finally sell his house.

"My house was sold, but three days before it became unconditional, the information (about the transfer site) came out and I lost the sale of my house," he said.

The 77-year-old has 15 acres on Otto Rd, and the proposed waste transfer site was to be across the road.

He said he was disappointed the LVRC did not offer enough prior community engagement with the residents.

"You work all your life to get something, then have someone else pull the rug out from underneath you," Mr Clews said.

Mr Clews and his wife have lived at the Otto Rd farm for 20 years, previously breeding miniature horses, then cattle.

He believed if the waste station had gone ahead, it would have de-valued the houses by at least $100,000.

"We owe a lot to Jim McDonald who really helped us," Mr Clews said.

"We are very happy it's been canned."

In the ordinary council meeting last week, the council decided to look for an alternative dump site.

In a statement, deputy mayor Jason Cook, who holds the health and waste management portfolio, said the consultation process was the deciding factor in council's decision for an alternate location.

"There is no doubt the consultation process works well," Cr Cook said.

"As a council, we earmarked the potential site, the community was actively engaged and as a result council will now further examine options.

"The consultation process resulted in council deciding to further investigate other options."

Cr Cook said the council was committed to a waste management strategy that struck a balance between environmental responsibility, that was financially sustainable and met the community needs.

He said the council would continue to investigate viable waste transfer sites.


Mr Clews' house remains on the market.

Ali Kuchel

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