Regions urged to get involved in G20 spirit

REGIONAL Queenslanders are being urged to embrace next month's G20 World Leaders Summit in what has been billed as a once-in-a generation event.

Whether that is taking in the cultural festivities, motorcade spotting, trying to catching a glimpse of the world's most famous plane or to simply to soak up the atmosphere in one of the city's restaurants, cafes or bars.

Whatever your choice the message is simple . . . get involved.

Queensland Minister Assisting the Premier Deb Frecklington, talking exclusively with APN Newsdesk, said the G20 was much more than a Brisbane-based event.

She said organisers had worked extremely hard to ensure every region of the state was being showcased to the world.

"We have been very proactive to ensure the whole state is showcased, not just Brisbane and the south-east corner," she said.

Ms Frecklington said regional Queensland would benefit enormously from the state hosting the summit, especially through the development of its one-of-a-kind G20 Globe portal designed specifically for the 7000 delegates who are expected to attend.

She said the interactive online tool allowed delegates to explore the state's trade and investment opportunities.

"They will be able to touch on any part of Queensland and it will show them where the investment opportunities are across the state," she said.

"Whether that is in agriculture, technology, education, resources or tourism.

"Any regional area, whether that is Mackay, Rockhampton, Toowoomba Bundaberg or Kingaroy, we can really showcase them through the G20 Globe.

"We have given delegates a host of information about the regions, we are taking them to the regions and that will hopefully equate to investment dollars."

Mr Frecklington said there were a number of free cultural events planned in the lead up to the summit.

She said all Queenslanders, irrespective of where they called home, were being encouraged to come down and immerse themselves in the once-in-a generation celebration.

"That is the main reason we set up the G20 cultural celebration program," she said.

"We want to involve as many people as possible as a big thank you for allowing us to host the G20 in our state.

"There are so many wonderful things planned as part of the cultural program, not just for children, but for also families."

Ms Frecklington remained coy about what was planned for the world leaders, including United States President Barack Obama, when they were in Queensland for the summit.

She said the leaders would be encouraged to visit as much of the state as possible during their stay.

"We have amazing places in Queensland because we are such a diverse state," she said.

"Queensland will be the capital of the world for those couple of days with the entire world's media focused on our state.

"We are working very closely with the Australian Government and we have some very exciting things planned for the world leaders." 



WHERE: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

WHEN: November 15 and 16

WHO: Twenty four world leaders including United States President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, China President Xi Jinping and Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz.

G20 ISSUES: Anti-corruption, financial regulation, development, growth, employment, investment and infrastructure.

NEXT HOST CITY: Turkey in 2015.

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