Recent decisions 'making resources development harder'

THE renewable energy, gas and power station industries have hit out at "recent decisions" by the Federal Government, New South Wales and Victoria, which the heavy industries argue were making resources development harder.

In an open letter sent to senior federal government ministers and Opposition front-benchers, the heavy industries argued against regulation of energy resources development.

The letter was signed by the heads of gas lobby Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, manufacturing sector body Australian Industry Group and the Energy Supply Association of Australia and Clean Energy Council.

"Stakeholders in many sectors have become increasingly concerned at the spread of restrictions on the development of new energy resources of all sorts," the letter reads.

While not specifically naming restrictions, the open letter comes two days after water resources affected by CSG and large coal mines were included as new federal environmental assessment conditions.

The change, announced by Environment Minister Tony Burke on Tuesday, has sparked fierce reaction from various coal and CSG companies and lobby groups, who were largely opposed to the new regulations.

In the open letter, the business interests argued that while there was community disquiet about energy development, such worries "can and should be addressed".

"However, the restrictions that are being imposed have not been underpinned by adequate evidence or consultation, and threaten serious consequences for the economy and Australians' quality of life," the letter reads.

"We believe it is urgent that all governments take the wider consequences for energy affordability, security and sustainability into account when considering planning and development."

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