Reading Bug discovered

A STRANGE egg was found during story time on Tuesday at the Gatton Library, and the beginning of a nest has been discovered in the Laidley Library.

Both libraries have reported shadowy movement around the children's section.

At first they were frightened, but realised that it could be a ‘Reading Bug' trying to find a safe place to lay her egg.

Shay from Lockyer Valley Libraries contacted the Gatton Hospital who sent a nurse immediately to check on the egg.

The nurse and children all listened to the egg through stethoscopes and heard movement coming from inside the egg.

The children were told that to have a healthy egg and a successful hatching, lots of reading is needed to ensure the egg grows.

She said the egg should hatch after 38 days and believes with a lot of reading, the due date of the hatching will be September 9.

The library is calling on the children of the Lockyer to help grow a healthy reading bug by visiting the library and reading to the egg.

Join staff for story time every Tuesday at 10am.

They will be taking the egg to the Under 8's Day on August 5 and will also be visiting McDonalds on Wednesday, August 10 at 9.30am for fun, laughter and lots of reading.

Wear something red to show that Lockyer Valley children are ‘well read'.

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