Man's rap sheet has 'every state and territory but Tasmania'

A SUNSHINE Coast man whose rap sheet includes more than 200 offences resulting in 19 separate stints behind bars has been refused bail for his latest brush with the law.

Paul John Argentino, 35, was arrested on September 8 and charged with a string of offences for allegedly breaking into a vehicle at a carpark near Kondalilla Falls at Montville.

The Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Tuesday, during his bail application hearing, that Argentino had an extensive criminal history in every state and territory in Australia except for Tasmania.

Crown prosecutor Amanda Robinson said Argentino was not in a show cause position but the Crown opposed bail because he posed an unacceptable risk of reoffending.

She said Argentino was also the subject of an outstanding warrant issued in the Australian Capital Territory after he failed to appear in court on unrelated charges.

"A witness saw a man fitting Argentino's description hovering near the vehicle before he took off and got into a Commodore which was waiting nearby for him," she said.

"Subsequently, police executed a search warrant at his address where they allegedly located a number of the stolen items from the car in the bedroom of a person who he was sharing the house with.

"She was also the registered owner of the Commodore."

Justice David Boddice, in refusing the application, said Argentino had an absolutely shocking and appalling criminal history.

He said it was one of the worst he had seen.

"Clearly the applicant does not like Tasmania for some reason," he said.

"I am not satisfied there are any conditions whatsoever I could impose on this person to reduce the risk of reoffending."


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