Rain a blessing for Darling Downs farmers

DARLING Downs farmers have muddy feet and they are thrilled.

While the wet weather has been patchy, some farmers are rejoicing that the rain has fallen in the right places - their crops.

Cecil Plains cotton farmer Stuart Armitage said 50mm of rain had fallen on his property in the past week.

"For the Cecil Plains, Brookstead and Dalby area it has been good, but it has been patchy, no really heavy run-off rain," he said.

"It is useful rain, but some people have missed out, so generally a good season but some of the growing crops are cutting out a bit early.

"We are happy with any rain this time of year, we are going to start irrigating cotton at the end of this week or next."

Mr Armitage hoped another 50mm would fall on his farm before the end of this month.

The rain is a welcome weather event for the Cecil Plains farmer, after severe storms destroyed a large amount of cotton at the end of last year.

"There was a lot of cotton written off, the Downs will produce a lot less cotton than originally hoped," he said.

"Probably down 20-odd thousand bails, so that is a big loss to the Downs.

"It is a bit hard when you look at what you could have had."

Mr Armitage was forced to write off about 160ha out of about 250ha of his cotton after the hail storm.

He also had significant damage done to sheds and silos.

"I've never seen so much damage that this storm caused, we had cotton knee high and it destroyed it," he said.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Brian James said yesterday's cooler conditions were due to a change that came through Wednesday night.

He said no showers were forecast for tomorrow, with only a chance for a shower on Sunday.

Mr James said there would be cooler conditions and not many showers around in the coming week.

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