'Budget fails 220,000 patients'

THE Queensland budget today failed to deliver any solutions to address almost 220,000 patients waiting on the waiting list, the State Opposition said today.

Shadow Health Minister Mark McArdle said the 2011/12 budget showed Labor had no intention of stopping their betrayal of Queensland patients nor were they serious about fixing our public health system.

“Today’s horror budget proved $11 billion of our hard earned dollars was being wasted by Labor and not properly invested to better our health system,” said Mr McArdle.

“We now know that the Bligh Government failed to deliver over 100 beds it promised last budget,” said Mr McArdle.

“And now, not having delivered on last year’s promise, Labor are trying to fool the public by claiming they will deliver 350 extra beds this year,” he said.

“What’s worse, almost 220,000 patients who need treatment are still waiting for answers from this Labor Government.

Mr McArdle said Labor’s claim they were supporting mental health was a sick joke as $45 million in promised funds for the Queensland Mental Health Plan has not been delivered over the last three years.

The State Budget also revealed many hospital projects around the State were experiencing delays due to budget constraints.

“Major projects at Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast have been the victims of cutbacks.

“The amount of waste created in our health by the Bligh Government is starting to take its toll,” he said.

“How long do Queenslanders have to wait for the Bligh Government to stop double-crossing them and actually deliver more local health services not more Labor spin?

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