QANTAS chief executive Alan Joyce had a cream pie smashed into his face this morning in a bizarre incident at a business breakfast in Perth.

Mr Joyce was the keynote speaker at the West Business Leadership Matters event at the Hyatt Regency and had taken the stage when a man appeared from behind him holding the pie.

The man, who appeared to be in his late 60s or early 70s, grabbed Mr Joyce and forcefully pushed the pie into the chief executive's face before walking calmly off the stage to an exit.

The crowd of more than 500 guests sat stunned, wondering whether the incident was part of the presentation.

Mr Joyce, who was shocked but maintained his composure said "I don't know what that was about" before telling the crowd he was going to have to clean up and leaving the stage.

The man who attacked him was surrounded by security staff in the Hyatt foyer, he sat calmly, not saying anything as Mr Joyce recommenced his speech to a warm applause from guests.

It is not known whether charges will be laid or what the offender wanted to achieve.

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