Grahame Tighe, Trevor Talbot and Marty Crane catch up for a chat at the Sarina Leagues Club.
Grahame Tighe, Trevor Talbot and Marty Crane catch up for a chat at the Sarina Leagues Club. Tony Martin

PUB CHAT: Voters not put off by Premier's Adani veto

THEY might be liberal with their language and their compliments but not with their political views.

At the Sarina Leagues Club, they are Labor voters - even if the Premier's call to veto the Adani's NAIF loan does result in the mega mine not going ahead.

Because regardless of how cold the beers are at the club, it would pale in comparison to the reception Campbell Newman would get if he walked in.

"What he did to all the workers, they never had a fair go," former coal miner Marty Crane said.

"My vote is already decided. We seen what they did last time they were in with Campbell Newman, the workers have never had a fair go under the LNP," the former coal miner said.

"People are saying the old fish and chip lady (Pauline Hanson), that her party is doing alright but people have to understand she doesn't want to stand for anything that will help anyone. You only have to look who she sides with in (Federal politics)."

Mr Crane doesn't deny he is a union man, he says he would have worn his CFMEU cap to the bar if he knew he was going to be in The Daily Mercury today.

"I know Jim Pearce, he's a good bloke," Mr Crane said of the current Australian Labor Party Member for Mirani. The two of them lived in the same town when Mr Crane worked at Peak Downs mine and Mr Pearce worked at Colliery.

And while Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk's decision to veto the Northern Australian Infrastructure Fund has been touted as a hurdle for central and northern Queensland ALP candidates, it doesn't bother the men, including retiree Grahame Tighe.

"Most Queenslanders don't want Adani," he said. "Are we really going to pay for them to mine our coal?"

Mr Tighe said if the Indian energy giant can't look after its own business, and banks won't loan it money then the Australian people shouldn't either.

Plane Creek Mill worker Trevor Talbot agreed and said Ms Palaszczuk's decision wouldn't sway his vote. "However, I do think they should stay away from The Greens, you can't take too much support from The Greens," he said.

And while they all agree on the ALP as their preferred political party, the reason they all preferred to party at the Sarina Leagues Club was the service from Kelly Lisle.

"They're lovely, they're my favourites," the bar manager said.

Sometimes she and Marty have political chats over the bar but because they both support the ALP they aren't heated. As for any LNP supporters at the bar? They must be staying quiet, she said.

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