ADANI protestors have again targeted Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on the campaign trial, this time interrupting a live cross she was conducting with Sky News in the marginal seat of Whitsunday.

And they have vowed to continue making their prescence felt for the remaining 27 days of the campaign.

She initially laughed off the ambush.

"Well there we go, there's an Adani protestor there," Ms Palaszczuk said while giggling.

"I expect there to be more of that."

Stop Adani group spokeswoman Dr Moira Williams - who stormed the stage at Ms Palaszczuk speech yesterday, said the ambushes would continue.

"Voters are angry and we plan to do whatever it takes to stop this Reef wrecking, climate destroying project from ever being built," she said.

The protestors did not stop there. They comtinued to heckle the Premier following her live cross, warning her she will be known for the death of the reef should she not stop the mine.

Ms Palaszczuk has continued to defend her decision to call a snap poll as she hit early morning radio and television this morning on the second day of the campaign, laying out every possible trigger.

"There was a number of factors. But not only that, I always listen to Queenslanders and Queenslanders said to me that they would prefer an election now," she told the Today show as she starts day two in the marginal electorate of Whitsunday, held by the LNP's Jason Costigan with a margin of less than one per cent.

"Business has said to me they want certainty heading into 2018.

"There is also another big issue for Queensland and that is the Commonwealth Games in 2018 and I would need all of my minsters absolutely 100 per cent focused on the delivery of those games with the start of the new year."

Ms Palaszczuk again listed those reason on Sunrise before picking up the phone to the ABC's Craig Zonca where she again insisted this election was early because that's what Queenslanders wanted.

"Honestly, it was only two months early," the Premier said.

She did deny one trigger, however, and that is the absence from the campaign trail of One Nation matriarch Pauline Hanson.

"Their leader, the leader of one nation in Queensland Steve Dickson is here in Queensland," she told Sunrise.

Ms Palaszczuk also intensified her attack on LNP Leader Tim Nicholls this morning, telling ABC listeners: "You cannot trust this man".

Ms Palaszczuk also told Hit105 she wanted a polling booth at the Gabba to ensure cricket fans could vote.

However, the ECQ told The Courier-Mail yesterday there will be a booth just next door to the stadium that voters can use.

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