Pregnant woman jailed for Ipswich stabbing

A PREGNANT woman is likely to have her baby while serving jail time after she was convicted of stabbing a man with a makeshift weapon.

At Ipswich District Court, Cherise Jean Ellis pleaded guilty to one count of wounding.

The 22-year-old had been at the Department of Housing in Ipswich when she came across a man with whom she had a past grievance.

Crown prosecutor Dzenita Balic said after a brief encounter with the man, Ellis stabbed him in the street with a homemade, knife-like weapon on June 13, 2014.

Ms Balic said the victim did not realise he had been stabbed until later that day.

After he became aware of the injury to his abdomen area, the man was taken to hospital and treated for what Ms Balic described as a "penetrative wound".


She said the man spent two days in hospital, but the stab wound had not caused any damage to his internal organs.

Ms Balic said whatever Ellis' reasons for attacking the man, she had no right to take the law into her own hands.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Ellis was currently seven months pregnant and was expecting to give birth in mid-October.

Mr Fairclough said Ellis' attack had been "spur-of-the-moment" and that his client had been in a heightened emotional state and was not acting rationally when she committed the offence.

He said Ellis was carrying the home-made weapon because she had used it to self-harm.

Before she came into court for sentencing, Ellis had been serving time in prison for other offences.

Mr Fairclough said Ellis had battled a drug problem in the past, but used her time in prison to rehabilitate herself.

Judge Deborah Richards noted Ellis had a previous conviction for violence in 2012, as well as a string of other charges.

"I accept you have been working hard to try and change your life, particularly now you are pregnant," she told Ellis.

"You are currently clean from drugs, but that's because you have been remanded in custody."

Judge Richards said general deterrence was an important sentencing factor in regards to the wounding charge.

"Wounding someone in a public street is something that cannot be condoned by the court," she said.

Ellis was sentenced to 18 months in jail and will be released on parole on November 21.

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