Practical joker on the receiving end

WORKING at a surf club and being involved in a footy club I have plenty of contact with practical jokers, usually at my expense.

A prime example of late are the windscreen wipers on my car, nearly every day some joker pops the middle one up (FJ Cruiser has three front wipers) which is designed to give me the most trouble as I have ducks disease, my legs are short.

It is particularly funny for the perpetrators when it is raining, as inevitably my shirt gets wet when I lean over the bonnet to rectify the problem.

You have probably gathered none of us are rocket scientists and that small things amuse small minds was written for here and will be confirmed in the next paragraph.

The wiper thing has been going on for a couple of years with no retaliation from me until last Saturday while leaving a carnival at Kings Beach.

I noticed one of my prime wiper suspects walking up the hill towards his car and as I went past and around the corner seized the opportunity to quickly jump out of my car run across the road put his wipers up and depart before he came around the corner.

I was quite happy with myself, drove off with a fully immature grin on my face, dropped in got some petrol, bought a six pack of beer, and looked in the rear vision mirror to back out of the shopping centre and glanced in the mirror and mistakenly thought George Foreman was sitting in the back of my car as my face was covered in black stuff. When I tried to rub it off it went all over my white shirt, steering wheel and seat.

Apparently old mate's wiper blades were perished and the rubber had gone all over my hands and transferred everywhere else. I must say I did wonder why the guy at the petrol station looked at me strangely as did the young lady in the bottle shop.

It seems I am much better as the receiver in regard to pranks with the best ever I got caught with on a footy trip.

It goes like this: get a roll of dental floss, zigzag it across the entry door of the motel room and gaffer tap the light switch off. As a victim of this after a few beers it's like you have walked into the world's biggest spider web in the bloody dark, which is where I am in most things?

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