OPINION: Get out of the way Eddie, or pay the price

A bit of give and take will see less carnage in this power struggle between the sexes but it's up to Team Male to make room for the inevitable, otherwise it will just get uglier.
A bit of give and take will see less carnage in this power struggle between the sexes but it's up to Team Male to make room for the inevitable, otherwise it will just get uglier. aleksei-veprev

POOR Eddie McGuire. He has unwittingly become the measuring stick, poster boy if you like, of the power struggle between the sexes in this country.

His digging in of the heels, his inability to see that what he believed was nothing more than good-natured banter, a harmless joke by his and his fellow commentators' standards, is no longer funny or harmless. Standards have changed and Eddie and his cling-ons are not the only ones being caught out.

Now the boys club humour of old doesn't automatically get absorbed by the patriarchal society in which it has festered away in for eons.

Now they are now being called out and held accountable for their ingrained comments and attitudes, as flippant as they believe they are. And it's not the pressure from women that is seeing them having to bow down to (that's an oxymoron to this crowd), it's other men who understand there is a big problem with this and speak up and condemn. Of course, there's also the money, which is a language even the biggest boofhead can see speaks volumes when they realise there is a serious threat of losing it.

Now that key sponsors have Eddie's attention after expressing such sentiment, he's being dealt a harsh lesson on what constitutes 'humour' and 'banter' in this country.

So thanks for being the high profile precedent we had to have Eddie. May you pave the way in eliminating the boys club buffoonery that is hell-bent on keeping the tradition of female inferiority alive. Thanks to your constant reminders, more and more of society is realising just how embarrassing it is to have you and your ilk trumpeting those attitudes in a modern society that is genuinely striving for equality. There are only so many slips of the tongue that will be tolerated it seems.

While the reigning in of language is one way to see the power struggle between men and women progress towards equality, there is still an enormous mountain to scale, the peak of which is still predominantly a male bastion.

And this is where that struggle gets physical. In order for women to surmount said peak, some of the Hillarys and the Mallorys have to take a leap, literally.

It doesn't mean they are not equipped to be there, it's just that got there with the 'invisible' privilege of being male whereas women have had to get there by being better, smarter and dozens of other reasons men never have to worry about. Ever.

That's why quotas are necessary, otherwise why would they give up their position of power to help break down the barriers they put up in the first place.

One Canadian politician understands this (you go, guy) and recently resigned from his ministerial position to allow a female colleague to progress (in her lifetime).

Or course this sent half the world into a frenzy but it's the reality check we had to have.

Naturally the first woman to be given such special privilege under the 'no penis' rule, will be scrutinised within an inch of her life, but the long shot is the more women appointed to roles of superiority (Hi Hillary), the more accustomed we will become at accepting this as the norm.

In the meantime the microscope under which they will be observed, compared to their male counterparts say, will be intense.

Sure some women will stuff up, just like their human male colleagues do, but getting our heads around this is half the battle in achieving real equality.

Women have the right to make mistakes too, just like Eddie, so best we all just get on with it.

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